Carlin Manufacturing

An industry leader in America with the design and manufacture of mobile kitchens and emergency service vehicles world-wide. Carlin was granted U.S. Patent number Des. 339,870 for his Mobile Containerized Field Kitchen invention. This Field Kitchen was designed and invented after the Desert Storm military operations in Kuwait.

Carlin Manufacturing designed and built mobile kitchens, mobile command and communication units, forest fire fighter mobile shower facilities, decontamination units, and modular buildings that contained restaurants. Carlin delivered its modular buildings and mobile kitchens to 34 of the United States and to ten countries worldwide over the course of ten years. As the sole owner of this company, Mr. Carlin negotiated and sold the company to a firm listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Mr. Carlin had the opportunity to sit on the board of Directors of the company which included members such as Hillary Clinton and Mack McLarty, the Chief of Staff to United States President Bill Clinton.

Carlin Manufacturing Facility

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